Monday, August 07, 2006

A Simple Question...

This started off as an honest question into the local area Blogasphere:

What are the details of the road construction for Main and Madison Streets?

Then I realized -- gee, since you rarely blog anymore, no one is going to read this. And gosh, if no one reads this, you won't get any answers.

No problem there -- I have the internet and bandwidth to spare! I will just check some obvious spots:

Anything on Grumps' site? Nah - he is busy keeping the neo-cons on their toes. Wonder if folks in Evansville realize just how big our local blogger has gotten? Regular hat tips from X-Off and a regular host of the Carnival! Frankly, I don't want him to get bogged down too much in local stuff as he is adding so much at the state level of bloggers.

So, how about The Observer? After closing the figgin' Bravenet pop-ups, I scrolled through the potpourri of news, stories, etc. but couldn't find anything. Took a while to search and I am starting to wonder if the EO hasn't outgrown the blogger format?

Ok, what about the OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER FOR THE CITY OF EVANSVILLE? Surely they will have something on this upcoming event that will literally shut down major portions of the city? Oh yah - I forgot the Gildners don't believe in the internet yet. Somehow, I don't think I have the strength to go sifting through the Official City Articles on what happened 60 years ago.

So, how about The City has it's own website! If anyone would have information on a major City project it would be the City! …….or not…… Maybe it is there - who would know with trying to look through the orange-hued clutter?

So apparently Mayor Decker was right after all. If citizens want to know something, they can just hoof it down to City Hall and ask in person.


Many thanks to Grumps for some insight! Not sure how nice I was, but I definately appreciate the follow up. =P


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